Active Police and Active Military

"Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God."  Matthew 5:9

This page is for those that protect us on a daily basis in our cities and on fronts around the globe.  For the important work that you do, we thank you!

Oakridge Custom Finishing, LLC offers reduced prices of 10% off published prices  for DuraCoat or Cerakote to protect your firearms, knives, handcuffs and other gear you use personally or in your job.

We will prepare your pieces by blasting, Parkerizing and applying the DuraCoat or Cerakote colors or patterns of your choice.

Again, Oakridge Custom Finishing, LLC sincerely thanks you for the work you do to keep us safe.  We BACK THE BLUE!

For Those Who Protect Us, Let Us Protect Your Equipment!