Previous Projects

Mossberg Shotgun with our "Free-hand Signature Camo Pattern"
(We can do this to your gun! Priced at about $220.00)

This M1 Garand, manufactured in 1953, was completely restored receiving new Parkerizing and a new walnut stock. Aside from not having the cartouches, the rifle is about as close to what it looked like when it was produced by Springfield. The TE on the barrel measured 1.5

The pink stock on this .22LR Cricket came from the factory.  
The purple DuraCoat on the barrel was custom mixed.  
This is the only Cricket like it in the world.

Here is a pair of Russian Baikal Over/Under Shotguns finished in our Custom Blue-Black DuraCoat finish. They are very nice and operate like a pair of new Singer Sewing Machines.

Here is a custom DuraCoated Bersa
This pistol has been finished to specifications for the
Women's Shooting Federation in Casper, Wyoming

Intratec Tec-DC9, 9MM Luger
DuraCoated in Leupold Dark Earth on Upper Receiver and Magazine
and AUG Green on Lower Receiver


Bushnell scope ready for Matte Black

Bushnell coated in Matte Black

This is a beautiful example of a custom pattern applied to a great shooting Savage Tactical rifle in .308. This one shoots cosistent 1/2" moa at 100 yards. Greg did a great job on this piece!

Flip side of the Savage Tactical. 

This is a short .223 Wylde barrel that was prepped and coated with HK Black DuraHeat.

This is a Colt Ar-15 that was meticulously prepared by our client and coated in a non-durable finish. The finish turned very dirty and began slipping after approximately 250 rounds. This weapon will be disassembled, degreased and blasted to remove both the custom finish and the original finish. Photos 1,2 and 3

The Colt AR-15 disassembled and blasted removing all finishes. The next step for this weapon is Parkerizing. Photo 4

The Colt AR-15 has now been Parkerized and is ready for the High Temperature Coating of DuraHeat. This weapon is suppressed and generates a lot of heat! Photo 5

The Colt has now been comletely finished in HK DuraHeat inside and out and reassembled. The finish is more subdued than is shown here due to the camera flash and a light coat of gun oil. Photos 5 & 6

Winchester 94 with very little bluing and rust. Photo 1

Here is the Winchester 94 degreased and blasted clean. Photo 2

The same Winchester 94 Parkerized and ready for the field. Photo 3

Browning X-Bar 7mm prior to disassembly for Custom Camo finish.
X-Bar disassembled...
Prepped for parkerizing and DuraCoat base coat...
X-Bar metal finished in Combat Black coated with base coat of Woodland Tan. Watch this site tomorrow for the custom finish.
X-Bar reassembled with Custom DuraCoat Camo finish.
Note the speckling that ties all the colors together. This piece has a Matte Clear finish as a final top coat. The flash on the camera makes the finish appear to have a sheen. It is very flat.

Advanced Armaments 7.62 Suppressor as recieved from our client.

Here is the suppressor after removing the original finish.

The suppressor has recieved a new coat of DuraHeat in Wildlife Tan.

TTU-30 in Combact Black

TTU-30 in Combat Black

HOWA Model 1500 .308 sitting on a Special Ops Knoxx Stock and topped with a Trijicon ACOG. The suppressor below sits on the end of the barrel of this one. This piece will be finished in some light camo colors.

These two containers of upper parts have already been disassembled and cleaned. The next steps are blasting, parkerizing and applying the finish. Shown below are the reassembled uppers. They are now sporting Daniel Defense quad rail handguards and a complete DURAHEAT finish in HK Black.
A classy pair of AR-15 uppers finished in DURAHEAT HK Black.
Glock Model 19 Duracoated in Pink Lady.
Custom Built Colt AR-15 Finished in Tactical Black Duracoat.
This is a Model 20 J C Higgins 12 ga pump with a PowerPac choke system.
It has been DuraCoated in a custom mix that closely approximates the original bluing. These shotguns were manufactured by High Standard and are excellent in the field on dove and quail!
Marlin 336 .30-30. From top to bottom. This piece was originally blasted and coated with an aluminum in color finish...perhaps Alumihide. The finish was rough. The next two photos show disassembly and blasting. The final two photos show the Marlin finished in Titanium DuraCoat inside and out. All the screws heads and slots have been dressed to like new more buggered-up screwdriver slots. A final application of DuraCoat Satin Clear was applied to seal the surface.
Winchester Model 12 disassembled and blasted. The reciever is deeply pitted from rust. Keep watching this one!
Aside from the piece of lint I left on the reciever, it has been returned to a beautiful and serviceable weapon.
This Winchester Model 12 has been restored and now sports a new finish AND, no rust pits! The DuraCoat finish applied is a custom color that closely matches the original bluing in both color and sheen.
Browning A5 16 ga. The barrel is badly pitted. The reciever is pitted on the lower section just above the trigger group.
Here are two photos of the Browning A5 16 ga. pictured above. It is once again sharp and ready for the field. There was minimal loss of the scroll work due to rust and pitting. The barrel and chamber has been polished removing any signs of rust
LeFever 12 ga Double Barrel. The finish is gone from the metal with some rust pitting on the barrels. More to come on this piece.
Here is the completed LeFever 12 ga Double Barrel. It was manufactured in Ithaca, NY. This old war horse is ready for the field, again
Steyer AK-47 with original black painted finish. The owner wanted a DuraCoat Gloss Black finish that would protect the piece under all conditions. Photo 1
Surface prepared by blasting...  Photo 2
...and then Parkerized.   Photo 3
And, DuraCoated in Gloss Black.   Photo 4
The Steyer AK-47 reassembled.  Photo 5
 This Colt 1911A1 arrived at the shop in very poor condition. The only bluing was a bit left on the magazine. We thought it was going to be a lost cause, but, we put our hearts into saving the piece. Turns out the Colt was a "war gun" having been built in 1942.  We are proud to have saved a piece of U.S. Military history.   Photos 1 & 2
The Colt 1911A1 showing it is Property of the "United States Government" and assigned to the "U.S. Army". There is a "P" stamped on top of the slide and a very faint Ordinance stamp on the right side of the frame just in front of the trigger hinge pin. This was a great project! The Colt is proudly displaying its newly applied Parkerized finish.  Photo 3

We recieved several photos from Sgt. Brooks. He asked us to do a 30 round AR-15 magazine in Digital ACU, and we asked him to take it to Iraq. The following is his note. Thank you, Sgt. Brooks for your service!! 

Hey! Hi Gary! This is Tim Brooks from Phoenix! I got some pics for you to look at. Feel free to post these if you like. I'll send more when I get in country and start our mission in Iraq. But I must compliment you on your awesome job! A few of the guys really like the magazine and I have showed them your website. Well, I shall go for now, so be safe!

SGT Brooks

ANZA Knife Model 06 completely protected with DuraCoat in Combat Gray

AR-15 uppers, lowers and quad rails finished in Combat Black. Note the consistency of the color and sheen from piece to piece. The upper receivers were badly pitted from imperfections in the forging process. The imperfections were filled with DuraFil completing a very nice job. 

Barrels and gas blocks Parkerized. Recievers and charging handles with first coat of Combat Black DuraCoat.

Ar-15 Barrels and upper and lower receivers to be Parkerized and DuraCoated in Combat Black

AR-15 parts blasted, Parkerized and ready for DuraCoat

H&K O/U finished in Tactical Black including original furniture. Camo furniture furnished by client. I wish this shotgun was mine!!

H&K O/U to be blasted, Parkerized and DuraCoated in Tactical Black

H&K O/U blasted and ready for Parkerizing

H&K O/U Parkerized and ready for Tactical Black

SIG P220 .45acp. Frame has been DuraCoated in Tactical OD Green while the slide has been done in Tactical Black. The barrel was left Parkerized for a great contrast between the three colors. Greg P. did a fine job on this piece!

Remington 513-T .22 MatchMaster marked U.S. Government Property. This piece will be Parkerized. Photo 1

Blasted and ready to be Parkerized. Photo 2

Parkerized.... Photo 3

....and assembled. Photo 4

AR-15/M-16 Magazine in ACU Digital Matte finish from beginning to end. I hope this one makes it over to Iraq for a real Beta test. If it does, we will post photos upon its return. 

Mossberg 500a 12ga and a Remington 700 .309 prior to disassembly and blasting. Photo 1

Mossberg 500a 12ga and Remington 700 in ,308 blasted and Parkerized and ready for DuraCoat application. Photo 2

Mossberg 500a Fighting Shotgun prepared in Tacticao OD Green and assembled. Photo 3

Remington 700 in .308 prepared in Tactical OD Black and assembled. Photo 4

Remington 1100 with rifled choke, extended magazine, Choate furniture and an Eotech sight. This shotgun will be finished in Afghan Camo. Photo 1

Remington 1100 disassembled. Photo 2

Remington 1100 cleaned and blasted. Photo 3

Remington 1100 Parkerized and ready for DuraCoat! Photo4

First color of DuraCoat applied. Photo 5

Reassembled and Afghan Camo applied. Photo 6

Completed with a speckled pattern applied to tie all colors together. Photo 7

Marlin Model 39a .22 Lever Action tube fed rifle. Only the metal will be restored to a custom Blue Black Gloss DureCoat finish. Photo 1

Marlin 39a cleaned and blasted and ready for Parkerizing. Photo 2

Marlin 39a Parkerized and ready for DuraCoat. Photo 3

MArlin 39a finished in a custom Blue Black Gloss DuraCoat. Photo 4

25 MM Dummies configured in Armor Piercing (L) and High Explosive (R)

Browning High Power frame in Tactical Black

Beretta 3032 Tomcat .32 acp DuraCoated in Tactical Black and WW II OD Green

Remington 552 refinished in Black Oxide DuraCoat with a Satin Clear finish

Stevens 39A .410 Shotgun. Wood by client. Metal DuraCoated in a mix of Gloss Black and Gun Blue. Bolt was refinished in Stainless Steel.

 Springfield XD in Stainless Steel prior to reassembly

Parkerized and ready for DuraCoat

Springfield XD prior to blasting and parkerizing and finishing. Old sights in the lower sights just above them.

AK-47 Bottom Folding Stock DuraCoated in Satin Black Oxide. This piece finished out very well.

 Mossberg 500 12ga Combination Rifled Slug Gun and 18 1/4" Home Defense Barrel. Barrel was cut and squared to present length. DuraCoated in Tactical Black and Tactical OD Green.

 Mossberg 500AT Home Defense Shotgun. Barrel Parkerized by Oakridge. Our client saved this piece from the parts bin. It was given to him in horribly rusted condition.

Bushmaster 5.56/.223 M4 Patrol Rifle DuraCoated in Tactical OD Green.  This rifle has been deployed many times!!

A very nice example of a S&W Model 410 in VietNam Tiger Stripe. It was also fitted with a set of Trijicon Night Sights. Note the speckling that ties the patterns together.

AK-47 beautifully finished in Satin Black Oxide DuraCoat

Smith & Wesson Model 38 Matte Black and Gloss Red Barbecue Gun

Smith & Wesson Model 38 Before Custom Finishing Began

"MilkShake Man"

Colt AR-15 H-Bar Brick and Mortar with Special Graphics on magazine well

Winchester Defender in Tactical OD Green with Sidesaddle and Hi-Viz front sight. This finish is completely Matte and very good looking!

Remington 870 PD 12 GA shotgun customized with 18" barrel, night sights, heat shield, mag extension tube and Remington synthetic furniture. Receiver and mag tube in Blackhawk Coyote Tan, slide rails and heat shield in OD Green with a Parkerized barrel and Parkerized mag extension

German Makarov .380. Suppressor done in custom mixed DuraCoat color and finished with Gloss Clearcoat

Tippmann A5 finished in Tactical OD Green and Tactical Coyote Tan. Several comments that it appeared to be factory finished.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun prior to refinishing

Mossberg 500A  PD 12 GA shotgun ready for the desert. Finished in Afghan Camo.

Mossberg 500A PD 12 GA shotgun prior to customizing

Springfield XD finished in Titanium DuraCoat and reassembled

Springfield XD Slide, Barrel and Release prior to refinishing

National Postal Meter M1 Carbine Parkerized

Newly Parkerized M1 Carbine

German K98 reassembled by Client. Furniture finished by Client.

German K98 in Satin Black Oxide DuraCoat Finish

Remington 870 PD Shotgun in OD Green DuraCoat

Remington 870 PD prior to blasting, cleaning, Parkerizing and DuraCoat

Remington 870 Parkerized

AR-15 M4 Bushmaster "in the grass"

AR-15  M4 Bushmaster in ACU Digital Camo

AR-15 M4 Bushmaster Carbine
Prior to Digital Camo ACU pattern application. Base coat applied

Remington 700 and scope prepared to accept DuraCoat. This is a Police Department issued sniper platform.

Remington 700 and scope with OD Green DuraCoat applied

Finished product. Camo pattern applied freehand

High-Standard Pistols with Parkerized Finishes.
Top Left, Model 103 with Fully Suppressed Class 3 Barrel installed.

Four High-Standard Pistols prior to restoration. Photo 1

High Standard Pistols Parkerized and reassembled. Photo 2

Stevens/Savage 311A Double-Barrel Shotgun
Wood restored and Black Oxide Finish applied chemically to Barrels

Remington 870 Magnum with a Parkerized Finish

"Thank you so much for the great job you did on the gun finish.  I look forward to working with you again in the future."   ~Scott

Remington SP 10 ga Shotgun in Freehand Woodland Camo

Remington SP 10 ga Shotgun in Freehand Woodland Camo

Remington SP 10 ga Shotgun prior to Camo Finish Application

Century Arms CETME / G3 in ACU Digital Camo

Century Arms CETME / G3 in ACU Digital Camo

OD Green DuraCoat on Stock, Handguard, Bi-pod and Magazine.

"I can't keep my hands off my rifle now, it just looks amazing. 
Once again, great job."  ~Justin

Colt 1911 DuraCoated in Desert Tan and OD Green

Sig P229 Slide and Grips DuraCoated in ACU Digital Camo

Charles Daly 1911 .45 acp
Above - Before
Below - After
Slide DuraCoated in OD Green and frame in Coyote Tan.

This Charles Daly is a 1 in 1000. It is an absolute tack driver.

Henry Lever-Action .22 Rifle
Receiver has been restored to better-than-new condition and
DuraCoated in Gloss Black

M1 Garand
Above - Ready to be Parkerized
Below - Parkerized and reassembled

Glock Models 17 and 19 w/ Factory OD Receiver

Glock Models 17 and 19 w/ Slides Duracoated
in Blackhawk Coyote Brown

AR-15 30-Round Magazine Duracoated in Pink Lady

Factory Cavalry Arms .223 in Pink w/ AR-15 30-Round Magazine
Duracoated in Pink Lady

Scope in Urban MirageFlage

Scope "before"

CavArms AR-15 with an EOTech sight in Desert MirageFlage

CavArms AR-15 with an EOTech sight in Desert MirageFlage

Smith & Wesson 40VE Slide in Stainless Steel w/ Clear Semi-Gloss Finish

AR-15 Magazines in Matte Black

Sig P226 w/ Urban MirageFlage Grips

Remington 870 Class 3 Shotgun in H&K Black w/
Wad Wizard Breaching Tool Installed

Top: Remington 11-87 Converted to Police Shotgun w/ Speed Feed Stock and Fore Grip, Barrel cut to 18.25", HiViz Front Sites Installed, Duracoated in H&K Black

Bottom:  Remington 870 Class 3 Shotgun Converted to Breaching Shotgun and Duracoated in H&K Black

Wad Wizard Breaching Tool

Wad Wizard Breaching Tool

Slide in Matte Black, Receiver in OD Green