DuraCoat, Cerakote and Parkerizing

We are certified to apply DuraCoat or Cerakote* to your firearm, firearm parts, knives or any other metal, plastic or wood items on which you need maximum protection and appearance.  If you are handy with complete disassembly, you can send only the parts you want processed.  Otherwise, we will be happy to disassemble and reassemble for an additional fee (see pricing page).

We are able to take your firearm that is in good condition, prepare the surface, Parkerize it  and apply the DuraCoat or Cerakote color or colors of your choice. 

We are able to take your firearm that is not in good condition due to heavy rust and/or pitting and return to you a piece that shows no pitting and has a beautiful and extremely durable finish.

We can apply one or two solid colors to your firearm according to your requirements, or we can create a custom camouflaged pattern that would be worthy of use in the sporting field, military engagement or Law Enforcement and Military sniping arenas.

Full service Parkerizing in gray or dark gray (nearly black) by itself,  is also available.

*Note: Add approximately 15% to the posted prices for Cerakote application.

Oakridge Custom Finishing provides a one-year warranty on DuraCoat and Cerakote for normal wear and tear.  Accidents, abuse and neglect is not covered. 


We offer gunsmithing services including sight replacement, gun cleaning and mounting of scope bases.  Shop rates are $65.00 per hour.

Retail Sales

We carry a number of pistols, rifles and shotguns in stock.  We also carry a variety of accessories and reloading components.

Special Orders

We will special order your desired firearm or firearm accessories.  Special orders are offerred at 25% over our dealer cost plus tax and actual shipping charges.  Check our will likely be happy with them.  All special orders must be paid for in advance.

Transfer Agent

If you have purchased a firearm online or from a store or individual out of town and need to send it to a local FFL, we can help you! Just let us know who you are, your telephone number and email address, a description of what is being shipped, and who it is being shipped from. If it is coming from another FFL dealer, we will need a copy of their FFL – they usually pack it with the firearm or they can fax it to us at (478) 225-9901. If they request a copy of our FFL, just let us know their fax number, and we will send it to them. If it is coming from an individual, we must have a copy of their Driver’s License.   There is a $25.00 fee for this service.  Call us at (478) 225-9191 for additional instructions. 

Consignment Sales

We will be happy to sell your firearms or accessories on consignment.  Our fee for this service is 15% of the sale.  There is no time limit on consignment items, however a $25.00 fee applies if you take your item(s) back.  If we have to research to determine a value of your item(s), there is a $25.00 fee per item.

If you purchase a consignment item from us, Oakridge provides no guarantee on these sales. They are sold "as is" with the buyer assuming all liability.

Payment Options

Oakridge Custom Finishing, LLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, certified checks, bank checks, money orders or your personal check, as well as cash.

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