Your customer service is unsurpassed. I've fiddled with firearms for 55+ years and dealt with all sorts of folks in the gun trade and, believe me, you guys are amongst the very best. It is truly a pleasure to patronize your business!

 ~Gary K


Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. I hope they will work with me a little. You probably noticed that I had originally listed ***** as my FFL, they are much closer to me. I had gone by and worked some details out with them a few weeks ago and based on that I placed my order and listed them as the FFL and shipping address. Then I placed my order last night and when I went by today to have them fax over the FFL info they informed me that they are no longer handling transfers and when they start back that the rate will be nearly three times what they quoted me just a couple weeks ago. I was a more than a little frustrated. I can't tell you how much your customer service, responsiveness and general desire to help your customers means to me as a consumer (particularly with the firearms market the way it is right now).  

Thanks again!! You have sold me on using you guys for future transactions, I appreciate doing business with honest folks.


I recieved the rifle and I'm very happy with the results. it looks great. Thanks so much. I put the furniture back on and took some pics I'm attaching to show you. Feel free to use them on your website if you want, and use me as a review or testimony with it also if you want. I'm very pleased with the results and Ill be using you for every parkerizing project I have in the future, and I'll refer everybody I know to you. My rifle looks 100 times better. Thanks again.
~Mike V.


I've created a monster!  Rebecka loves her AR.  She has spent the last two nights looking at "accessories" and although she doesn't know just whatever it is or does...all I am hearing is "I WANT ONE FOR MY AR".  Thanks again to Oakridge and staff for helping me surprise her.


Hey guys, I just had to drop you a line to say thank you for help today. Can't wait to take the Marlin to the range Sunday and do some plinking. Also looking forward to seeing the old Remington rejuvenated. We have been to most of the local gun stores and without a doubt yours was the friendliest we have been to. Don't forget to reserve us two places on your next reloading class.
~Steve and Molly M.


Just wanted to tell you guys how good of a job you all did with my G19. It looks great. I do have one question about care for the duracoating. When can I start back using my gun after the coating and what should I use to help keep it clean? Again I want to tell you how good my frame looks I will do business with you all again. Thanks!


Just wanted to shoot (excuse the pun) you guys an email to say thanks again for the awesome work on the AK! Everyone that sets eyes on that weapon instantly see the craftsman ship that went into re-finishing it.

Best regards,
Mark W.


Oakridge Custom Finishing is a locally owned small business, specializing in everything from custom firearm builds to custom loaded ammunition. This family owned business truly knows the meaning of customer service. Whether you need a question answered or a fully custom built firearm with a one-of-a-kind finish, you can count on their staff's experience and expertise to get it right the first time every time.

I have taken many projects to Oakridge Custom Finishing, the latest being a Kahr Arms CW45 that I had DuraCoated. Every job I have taken to them has had a quick turnaround, this one in just a few days. Every delivery has exceeded expectation. I can't say enough about what a great group of people they have working up there, every time I have walked into the show room I have been greeted as if I were family. I only take my business to Oakridge and highly recommend you do the same.

Al via Yahoo Local


It is perfect. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to everyone. You definitely have my business from now on.  (Regarding a DuraCoat application we provided.)
~Ted C.


Thank you very much for all your help with this.  I can't tell you how great it is to do business with an establishment whose customer service is as outstanding as yours. While I no longer live in the local area, I still have plenty of friends there who are enthusiasts and will be referred to OCF for any relevant services.

Thanks again,
Dustin D.


Thank you for the great customer service, attention to detail and for treating me like family.  I appreciate everything you have done to make my business a success and my customers happy.

Jeffrey S Wilson
Tack Driver AR-Uppers
Gainesville, GA


I just opened the box for my refinished K98.  I cannot believe how good this is!  I really am very picky and this DuraCoat finish is amazing.  I will be sending you at least 3 more soon.  This really is great work!  WOW!

Dave L.
Roseville, MN

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with my weapon.  You are a true professional and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  I wish you, your family and business much success.

Officer Scott H.