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Mossberg 500 "Turkey Thug"
with the Oakridge Freehand Camo pattern
including a nice pair of turkey feet.
Absolutely guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind in the entire world.
For Sale - $650.00

Custom DuraCoat Digital Patterned Rifle has been converted from gas to direct piston. This little M4 sports an ACOG Optical Sight and a Slidefire Solutions bump fire stock.

Desert Eagle
Duracoated in two-tone Coyote Tan and Blackhawk Flat Dark Earth

Customized by our client in east GA. Parkerized and polished by Oakridge.

Custom 1911
Slide and frame by Caspian...built by Oakridge.
This is a beautiful precision weapon.

DuraCoated in DuraPearl Purple and Combat Black.
She is a beauty!!!

Mossberg 500
DuraCoated in OD Green and Desert Tan

Mossberg 500 in ACU Digital DuraCoat
One of several that we've done for a client

M4 Armalite Platform
Lime Green DuraCoat - Custom Zombie Project

Can you guess what this was?
This WAS a Ruger 10/22 converted with the Archangel Nomad Tactical package. This is a solid and cool-looking rifle.

S&W M&P .22
This custom-color (variations of Goddess Purple) digital pattern will be a head-turner at the range.

Aramalite .308
Custom Freehand Camo

Glock 26 Gen 4
Custom DuraCoat in OSHA Purple with hand-drawn dragonfly.

Beretta Over and Under 12 ga. The metal has been DuraCoated in our custom Blue/Black finish.
The wooden furniture has been cleaned up...not stripped...and several hand-rubbed coats of oil
applied. The barrels have been cut to 22".

This Llama 45 ACP has been disassembled and the finish has been removed and is ready for Parkerizing.

This Llama 45 ACP has been Parkerized.

Argentine Mauser 7.65 x 53
This rifle had been sporterized in the past. It had a shorter barrel and the military stock had been modified. The rifle has been returned to its original condition, but the vintage Weaver Scope was left in place. It just seemed to fit!

Remington 870 with a legal 14" barrel that we cut and refaced. We also added a ghost ring rear sight and front sight. The sights are Tritium Night Sights. This picture includes all parts of the shotgun.

Remington 870 showing the rear Tritium Night Sight.

Remington 870 showing the front Tritium Night Sight.

Remington 870 with a legal 14" barrel that we cut and refaced. We also added a ghost ring rear sight and front sight. The sights are Tritium Night Sights. This picture shows what the Law Enforcement Officer will be carrying on duty.

.50 BMG casing converted to a lighter. The insides were removed and it was  cleaned and polished.

Before - Savage Model 6A .22 LR to be completely restored including both metal and wood. Keep watching this one!

Free-hand camo pattern with OD Green action and barrel.

The metal on the AK-47 WASR-10 was Parkerized with Manganese for a darker effect.  It was then "tricked out" with ATI furniture.  What a great piece David created!

Here is an example of an excellent color combination
on an M4 platform.

This custom-built AR-10 is decked out in the Urban colors but in the Signature Snow pattern.

These three firearms are protected in the OD Green color and are
being used by some of our Florida clients.

This custom-built .50 BMG platform has been finished in Titanium.

Anoter fine example of OD Green DuraCoat.

This rifle has been protected with a custom AmStripe pattern.
Colors are Tiger Stripe Green and Matte Black.

Our client desired Parkerizing on this slide.  The slide is stainless steel and required the Parker DuraCoat.  You can't tell the colors apart and the DuraCoat will wear like iron!

The first pistol is finished in Diamond Plate, the second in
Combat Black and the third in Wilderness MirageFlage.

Wilderness MirageFlage

This Sig is finished in Parker DuraCoat.

This is a full restoration on an M1 Garand complete with new Parkerizing on all correct parts and new wood.

The bow riser was finished in a custom color selected by the client.

This 1903 was restored with new Parkerizing and restored wood.

This was a fire-damaged older pump .22 restored with our custom-mixed Blue/Black DuraCoat.

This is a sporterized 1903 A4 also finished in our custom-mixed
Blue/Black DuraCoat. This rifle could be put back in its original configuration easily with a correct barrel, scope and stock.

This is a custom-built AR-10 DuraCoated in Coyote Tan,
Flat Dark Earth and Graphite Black.

This Remington Rand 1911 is sporting a newly applied Parkerized finish.
  The knife blade had been done in OD Green for protection and
to cancel the bright reflection. 

This Browning arrived with rust and pitting and has been restored
to like-new condition. This shotgun is used on the Carolina coast and took a beating from the saltwater environment. That won't be a problem for it now! Notice the scroll detail is still completely visable and not filled in.

Another fire-damaged firearm. 
This Model 37 has had the metal and wood restored.

This is something you don't see everyday! 
It is a British Commando knife that has been restored with a Manganese Phosphate Parkerizing.

This is also a Browning shotgun used on the coast and has been restored and protected in Combat Black DuraCoat.

This is Sgt. Brooks M4 platform before we digitized it.

Here is the finished product in the ACU pattern. 
Note the speckling that ties all the colors together.
Thank you, Sgt. Brooks for your service to this country!

For our female clientele...this is a pink CavArms with a magazine DuraCoated in Pink Lady.

This Rossi Revolver was DuraCoated in the Diamond Plate Pattern.

The following 8 photos are the depiction of the restoration of a GAU-8 Avenger Weapons System from an A10 Warthog, commonly known as "The Tank Killer". This restored piece will be on display at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins.

Here is the complete weapons platform including the 7 barrels and the receiver.

This is the "Receiver" separated from the barrels.

This is the "Receiver" that has been restored with DuraCoat in the Parker color.  All the materials for this project were donated by
Lauer Custom Weaponry.

Gary Hadley with Oakridge Custom Finishing doing some final touch-ups on the weapons platform before it goes on display.

Looking down the mouth of total destruction!

Here is another picture after the receiver and barrels have been re-assembled.