We sell guns and accessories.  Here are just a few. We can also special order anything you would like. 

Please contact us at (478) 225-9191 to inquire
about any of these items for sale; or better yet, come by the store and look at them in person!

Mossberg 500 "Turkey Thug"
New shotgun with the Oakridge Freehand Camo pattern
including a nice pair of turkey feet.
Absolutely guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind in the entire world.
For Sale - $650.00
This one is SOLD, but we can DuraCoat one for you!

Ammo for sale in the store:

We have several varieties of name-brand ammo for sale.
The following are loads we made in our shop. 
They may not all be available at this time. 
Call or come by to see what we've got.

.223 55 gr. reloadable
.380 ACP 95 gr. JHP
.30 M1 Carbine 110 gr. Berry's Preferred Plated Bullets
9mm 124 gr Berry's Preferred Plated Bullets
9mm SPEER JHP 115 gr
45 ACP 230 gr Berry's Preferred Plated Bullets
45 ACP 185 gr Preferred Plated Bullets
Winchester .40 S&W 165 gr FMJ
.40 S&W 155 gr, Berry's Flatnose Bullets
.45 ACP HP/XTP 185 gr. Hornady Bullets
.45 ACP 200 gr Gold Dot Hollow Point

Redfield and UTG Scopes and Accessories

We have numerous handguns for sale in the store. 
Please come by and take a look!

We also have several styles of gun bags. 
Most range from $20.00 - $45.00 each
Large Rifle Cases / Shooting Mats - $85.00 each

(C) = Consignment - This firearm is being sold on consignment.  Oakridge Custom Finishing, LLC does not make any guarantees on the items sold on consignment.